Custom Designs

All our designs

We can supply designs to customer request so if you don't see a theme you are after, drop us an email.

New design process.

We don't charge a premium for custom designs, we use a simple process that goes as follows.

1. Let us know the sort of theme you would like.

2. We design the theme.

3. You get the themed design at our standard design price, as we don't charge for the design work , the theme is then added to our catalogue, so we can re coup our design costs over time from future orders.

4. All designs are owned by Dominate Designs Ltd, all of our designs are produced by our design team and can not be shared or duplicated unless written permission has been given.

5. If you would like to purchase one of our designs, these are all available and upon purchase CAD and PDF copies will be sent and then deleted from our systems and receipt of ownership will be sent.